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miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2015


Mis recomendaciones son todas en inglés, pero espero que os animeis y las leais porque son muy buenas en mi opinion


       Black and white Rainbows
      Por hmmcghee

When Lieutenant Alex Spears first sees Corkie Brooks-Davenport secretly 
 photographing an isolated war zone, he thought she was as crazy as she
 was beautiful.  But later, as they run for their lives from a Mexican cartel boss

, he learns that she isn't just crazy...she's foolhardy, conniving, and easily,
 the most intriguing woman he'd ever had the pleasure of kidnapping.

Opinion: Al principio me costo bastante cogerle el ritmo, pero a medida que pasaba 
la novela me fue gustando cada vez mas tanto que me lo acabe en tres dias y me 
lo acabe a las 3:00 de la mañana

Recomiendo que la leais, el ingles es muy sencillo y entendible, para las persona que
quieran empezar a leer algo en ingles 

Link  :

Beautiful Heist 
 Por writeon27
(The triumvirate histories book one)
What do you get when you add thirty eighteen-year-old high school seniors and a two week trip to paris?  One sometimes boring,
 other times not trip of a lifetime. 
And when you add your roommates sneaking out and your guy best friend sneaking in to your room?  A night of movies and junk food until finally passing out at three in the morning. 
Now, for a more exciting question, what do you get when you add together a drink thrown in your face, getting lost in the museum you're in as you come back from cleaning
 yourself up, and walking in on heist in progress?  That's right.  The kidnapping of emmy alexander, who just happened to be me. 
But when you hear about all of these kidnappings on the news, you expect the worst.  Not mine, though.  Mine included a secret society that the public,
 after learning about it a few years before, 
Thought was now a modern myth, searching the globe and stealing back the pieces of a puzzle that we didn't know what information it would hold, and running from another secret society that was bound and determine to stop us no matter what.  

Oh, and you can't forget john raymond, who just happened to be the one who kidnapped me.  It was technically his fault i was in the middle of this, thrust into a world of secrets.
I couldn't complain, though.  And no matter what, john couldn't say we didn't make a great heisting team. 
But when that other secret society came into our crazy, messed-up equation, it added even more danger.  
But then again, i wanted a little adventure in my life, and i sure as heck got it.
 Opinion: Ame esta novela, me resulto entretenida, y definitivamente seguiré leyendola porque me ha dejado con mucha intriga.


¿Habeis leído alguna de estas novelas? ¿Estas interesado en leerlas?

Ana Xx

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